Tuesday, 8 June 2010

New cookbook

Whimsical bakehouse. Even the name of the book is quirky. I got this book because I saw that there was a cookies and cream icing recipe. I love this book. Theres great decorating ideas, recipes and even how to make sugar paste roses. Its such a fun book and its great for making birthday cakes. I used it to make the cookies and cream icing which was delicious. I will be posting the picture and recipe for the cookies and cream icing soon. Its not my favourite cookbook but its heaps of fun.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Turkish restaurant

I had never been to a Turkish restaurant until I was taken to Limon. I always thought turkish food was just about greasy kebabs but oh how I was wrong. I really liked Limon.The interior isn't stunning or anything but the food is good. I had chicken with Halloumi, humus, Sucuk(turkish sausage) and some other little side plates. Lets say it was very filling with the rice and very tasking. Its really got me a humus addiction now and thinking about it(especially since its close to lunch) is making me want to have some.Its a great place for lunch if your in wimbledon.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

My favourite cupcake place in the world


If you ever go to LA this is the place to go. Its on Rodeo drive so you can go all the amazing shops such as Barneys, Saks and all the designers. You often see celebrities with the sprinkles bag.

The cupcakes are amazing.They are so pretty and really cute.

My favourite was the madagascan vanilla. I remember eating and thinking happy thoughts.

It is also known to be the original cupcake bakery

Also if you go to america and want to bring sprinkles back home then you can buy their baking kits from places like William-Sonama. Next time I go to america I have to get hold of one.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Bangalore express

So I went to an Indian restaurant called Bangalore express. Its like a indian version of wagamamas with the placemat menues and the benches that are shared. There were also ladders where you could sit in a balcony esqu area. Its kind of like bunk beds but with tables and chairs. It was so cool but unfortunetly because there was five of us we weren't allowed to sit there. It was still a fun place. Ive got to say though the food wasn't amazing. It wasn't expensive though but it still wasn't satisfactory for the price. I have definetly tasted better Indian for a cheaper price. Its fun to go with your friends but if you want a good Indian then its not the place to go.But I really did like the concept and the atmosphere.

The best banana loaf

Just a quick note to say I think I have found the best banana loaf. I had it in costas. Its called the banana and walnut loaf and I absolutely loved it. The texture is so crumbly and the sweetness was just right. I had it with the costas caramel crunch frascato and it was great for a nice sunny day. I used to always go to starbucks and recently Ive been going to costas more. I think Ill be going even more with that banana loaf there.

Brick lane 10th annual curry festival

So a friend of mine asked me to go with him to the Brick lane curry festival on Bank holiday monday(31 may 10). All he had to say was free samples and I was there. You got to try samples and vote for which curry house you liked the best. There was lots of free cobra (I don't like beer) for people who wanted to have some.

There was bollywood dancing and other entertainment. I had never been to brick lane so it was an experience.

Just walking through Brick lane makes you hungry because all you can smell is curry.

There also have a huge variety of amazing indian sweet shops.
I ended up getting some Baklava there( I know its middle eastern).
If you get the chance you should definetly go to the festival. There is a chance to buy the dishes the festival too.

Disappointing Italian food

I went to spaghetti house which is an Italian chain on oxford circus and we had a pizza. Lets just say it was a big disappointment. It lacked flavour and my pizza had bits of egg shell on it. I didn't like it. But looking at what my neighbour table was eating,which was a cheesy lasagne, it looked really good. I don't think ill be going back here. I would rather go to Pizza express if I want a quick pizza thats a good price and tasty. To be honest the service wasn't that amazing either. Maybe other chains would be better.